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World Religions Summative ISU

Islam; Key Figures
Judaism; History
Judaism; Places of Worship
Judaism; Festivals/Holidays
Judaism; Concept of G-d/Beliefs
Judaism; Key figures
Judaism; Scriptures
Christianity; History
Christianity; Places of Worship
Christianity; Festivals/Holidays
Christianity; Concept of God/Beliefs
Christianity; Key Figures
Christianity; Scriptures
Islam; History
Islam; Places of Worship
Islam; Festivals/Holidays
Islam; Concepts of God/Beliefs
Islam; Key Figures
Islam; Scriptures
Sikhism; History
Sikhism; Places of Worships
Sikhism; Festivals/Holidays
Sikhism; Concept of God/Beliefs
Sikhism; Key Figures
Sikhism; Scriptures

Allah is Islams God. They believe that he is the ruler of Heaven and earth. They believe he is capable of doing everything, and that he is the master of everything. Islam is not only a belief in God (Allah), but also a practice, spiritual and temporal.

Noah- They believe that Noah warned people of the error of their sinful ways, built an ark, survived the flood, rebuilt civilization, and shared new laws governing God's creation.

Abraham- They believe Abraham is one of seven other prophets who received scriptures from God. He is frequently mentioned in the Qur'an. Abe taught people to abandon idolatry. Abe proved to be the source of two great prophetic families: the Arab lineage thought his son Ismael and Ismael's mother. In the end, Abraham gave people a sense of their moral and religious obligations.

Moses- They believe that Moses was sent to proclaim the one God to the idolaters of Egypt. Moses is very highly regarded to Islam. Moses used miracles to demonstrate God;s power over the egyptians. He received God's law in the form of the 10 Commandments.


Jesus: They believe that Jesus was born by the Virgin Mary and over the course of his life performed a lot of miracles. However, they Qur'an specifically denies that Jesus was the divinely appointed son of God. The Qur'an also doesn't support the belief that Jesus died on the cross. Instead they believe that Jesus never died and that he will return to aid humanity again in the future.

Muhammad: They believe that Muhammad is the "Seal of the Prophets", the last of those who have come to convey the divine wisdom of God to humanity. He is afforded the hightest spiritual prominence because he directly got the word of God. Muhammad is the last prophet, who completed the teachings of all the prophets who came before him.