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World Religions Summative ISU

Christianity; Places of Worship

Judaism; History
Judaism; Places of Worship
Judaism; Festivals/Holidays
Judaism; Concept of G-d/Beliefs
Judaism; Key figures
Judaism; Scriptures
Christianity; History
Christianity; Places of Worship
Christianity; Festivals/Holidays
Christianity; Concept of God/Beliefs
Christianity; Key Figures
Christianity; Scriptures
Islam; History
Islam; Places of Worship
Islam; Festivals/Holidays
Islam; Concepts of God/Beliefs
Islam; Key Figures
Islam; Scriptures
Sikhism; History
Sikhism; Places of Worships
Sikhism; Festivals/Holidays
Sikhism; Concept of God/Beliefs
Sikhism; Key Figures
Sikhism; Scriptures


Churches are the main places of worship for Christians.Church is a place for a person to go and have time for themselves, time for God. There are services every night and on the weekends for people to go and pray, make confession, and just talk to God. Christians get baptized at churches and get married. The sign of the cross is always present in a church because a cross is what Jesus died on for us. Holy water is always present when you first walk into the church to bless yourself before the service.