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World Religions Summative ISU

Christianity; Festivals/Holidays

Judaism; History
Judaism; Places of Worship
Judaism; Festivals/Holidays
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Judaism; Key figures
Judaism; Scriptures
Christianity; History
Christianity; Places of Worship
Christianity; Festivals/Holidays
Christianity; Concept of God/Beliefs
Christianity; Key Figures
Christianity; Scriptures
Islam; History
Islam; Places of Worship
Islam; Festivals/Holidays
Islam; Concepts of God/Beliefs
Islam; Key Figures
Islam; Scriptures
Sikhism; History
Sikhism; Places of Worships
Sikhism; Festivals/Holidays
Sikhism; Concept of God/Beliefs
Sikhism; Key Figures
Sikhism; Scriptures

Christian Festivals and Holidays:
Christians believe that the comforter, The Holy Spirit, came on the feast that Christians call the Pentecost, fifty days after Easter. During this event, the Holy Spirit empowered the apostles with various spiritual gifts and abilities, including the ability to speak different languages. Pentecost is often referred to as the birthday of the Church.

Christmas is originally the Mass of Christ and is a holiday celebrated in most of the world. This celebration is the birth of Jesus. Christmas is on December.25th every year. The Christmas season starts with Advent, which starts four Sundays before Christmas. Christmas is a time when Christians wait for Jesus' birth. The tradition of gift exchanging at Christmas started in two different origins. The three wise men, when they brought gifts to Jesus in the stable, and the second from the Ancient Roman practice of year-end gifts to honour Saturn, the God of light.


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Lent begins two months after Christmas and last for forty days, ending with Easter. The forty days represent the time Jesus spent on his journey. Lent is a time of fasting and prayer, and spiritual self-assessment. On Ash Wednesday, the day that begins Lent, Christians are marked on the forehead with ashes to remind them that they are mortal, and will "return to dust upon their death.

Wise Men visiting Jesus on Twelfth Night after his birth on Christmas..

Easter is the most important religious holiday in the Christian faith. Easter can also refer to the season of the church year, lasting for fifty days. Holy week starts on the Sunday before Easter, which is known as Psalm Sunday. On this day, Christians celebrate the day Jesus entered Jerusalem. Holy Thursday is the day of the Last Supper, when Jesus shared his last meal with his twelve apostles. Good Friday is the most solemn day because it commemorates the trial, crucifixtion,  death and burial of Jesus. Easter Sunday is the most holy of Christian celebrations marking the ressurrection of Jesus.