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World Religions Summative ISU

Judaism; History
Judaism; History
Judaism; Places of Worship
Judaism; Festivals/Holidays
Judaism; Concept of G-d/Beliefs
Judaism; Key figures
Judaism; Scriptures
Christianity; History
Christianity; Places of Worship
Christianity; Festivals/Holidays
Christianity; Concept of God/Beliefs
Christianity; Key Figures
Christianity; Scriptures
Islam; History
Islam; Places of Worship
Islam; Festivals/Holidays
Islam; Concepts of God/Beliefs
Islam; Key Figures
Islam; Scriptures
Sikhism; History
Sikhism; Places of Worships
Sikhism; Festivals/Holidays
Sikhism; Concept of God/Beliefs
Sikhism; Key Figures
Sikhism; Scriptures

Judaism is a set of ideas about the world and the way we should live our lives. Judaism is taught to children in Hebrew schools. Judaism views the existence of God as a prerequisite for the existence of the universe and the existence of the universe for the existence of God. 

Here are some main points in Jewish history:

  • 1700-1280 BCE- Patriarchal and Mosaic period; Jews leave Egypt (1280)
  • 1000 BCE- King David/ King Solomon-- Solomon's Temple built

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  • 721-538 BCE- Northern Kingdom taken by Assyrians (721). Hebrew population disperses; Southern Kingdom taken by Babylonian exile; Solomon's temple destroyed; Cyrus of Persia defeats Babylonians (538), allowed exiles to return
  • 332 BCE- Alexander the Great conquers Israel, Diaspora Hellenism begins

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  • 164 BCE- 70 CE- Maccabean uprising, temple rebuilt (164 BCE); Roman siege of Jerusalem, temple destroyed (70 CE)
  • 200-425 CE- Mishnah compiled by Judah the Prince; Talmud compilation completed (425)
  • 1135-1204 CE- The life of Maimonides--philosepher and rabbinic scholar
  • 1700-1800 CE- Tension between Hasidim and traditional legislates
  • 1768 CE- First synagogue in Canada
  • 1800's CE First wave of Jewish immigration to the Americas
  • 1933-1945 CE- Rise of Nation and the Holocaust (Shoah); St. Louis incident(1939)

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  • 1945 CE- Post-Holocaust immigration to Canada
  • 1948 CE- Declaration of the modern state of Israel
  • 1980 CE- First women rabbi in Canada--Joan Friedman
  • 2001 CE- 250 official Jewish synagogues in Canada

The Maccabaen Revolt:
The Maccabean Revolt was in 168 BCE. Jews were dissatisfied with the Greek rule among the Jewish population so a group of rebels called the Maccabees started a revolt. This started because Antiochus IV Epiphanes converted the temple into a shrine to the Greek god Zeus and installed his own candidate to the Jewish high priesthood. By 164 BCE, the Maccabees were in control over Jerusalem, and the temple was rededicated to God. the dynasty initiated by the Maccabees would rule until the Roman conquest of Israel.

The Holocaust:
The Holocaust was one of the most not only Jewish events but worldwide events to happen int he twentieth-century. Holocaust was a name given to the period of persecution and extermination of European Jews by Nazi Germany.  The persecution of German Jews began in 1933 when Hitler rose to power. Jews were terrorized, put into the ghettos, their property was taken away and then they were put into concentration camps. Millions of jews were killed, tortured, starved etc. during the Holocaust. By the end of World War II, six millions Jews has been murdered.